Видео: Erle-Copter: First flight with Snappy Ubuntu Core

Erle-Plane: Flying with Ubuntu Snappy Core

Spending the morning in a different way :)

Orange Matchbox: Ubuntu Core and Snappy Scope Demo

Demo of Ubuntu Core running on an Orange Matchbox, with the Snappy Scope managing its packages from an Ubuntu Phone ...

Introducing snappy Ubuntu Core

Canonical are excited to announce “snappy” Ubuntu Core, a new way to get Ubuntu in the cloud with transactional, image-based ...

Erle-Spider, an Ubuntu drone with legs

Support us on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/erle-spider-the-ubuntu-drone-with-legs/ Erle-Spider is the first ...

First flight Erle-Copter

First flight with Erle-Copter. For a first flight we recommend to fly in altitude hold mode. Make sure you know how to switch ...

Erle-Copter: Altitude hold mode

Testing the mode "Altitude hold". Different altitudes Log file: ...

Erle-Copter: Flight with gimbal + GoPro3+

Erle-Copter: Flight with gimbal + + GoPro3 www.erlerobot.com.

Introducing Snappy Ubuntu Core!

Transactional, atomic updates and packages built on the Ubuntu cloud operating system.

Erle-Copter: Flight with gimbal + GoPro3+

Erle-Copter: Flight with gimbal + GoPro3+ www.erlerobot.com.

Snappy Ubuntu Core On Switches

At the last OpenStack Summit in Austin, TX we showed you a preview of deploying your physical server and network infrastructure ...

How to Install and Run Snappy Ubuntu Core on the BeagleBone

This instructional video demonstrates how to build, install and run Snappy Ubuntu Core on the BeagleBone.

Erle-Copter Mission (Ground)

Erle-Copter www.erlerobotics.com.

Erle-Copter: connecting hardware

This video shows how to connect the different wires of components (Buzzer, GPS, RC Receiver, ESC wires, Power Module ...

Erle Robotics: Flying Erle-Copter

Start building robots now with our artificial brains! Get it configured with a single click! http://erlerobotics.com.

Erle-Copter : First flights

Some flight tests with the Erle Copter.

Sujeevan Vijayakumaran: Snappy Ubuntu Core

https://media.ccc.de/browse/conferences/froscon/2015/fros... Im Januar 2015 wurde mit ...

Ubuntu Core 16 beta3

Didier gives us a hands-on demo of Ubuntu Core 16 beta3! Check out the blog too for more info with the highlights: ...

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