Видео: Honda VTR250 - Screaming Demon Exhaust

Honda VTR250 Screaming Demon Exhaust

vtr250 exhaust without baffle.

Honda VTR250 JRE slip-on exhaust install / before + after

Couple of GoPro angles of the process to cut off the standard muffler, then fit the new JRE muffler from eBay, taking ~half an hour.

VTR250 Exhaust.avi

Ixil Pipe on '09 EFI Honda VTR250.

VTR250 exhaust

2002 VTR250 with Ixil oval exhaust baffles removed. Also KnN air filter. Bike was warmed up prior to the clip. Might help those ...

INSANE SOUND | AKRAPOVIC Carbon Fibre Exhaust on a V2. Honda VTR Interceptor | Startup and Sound

2004 Honda VTR Interceptor 250W MC33 with a 250cc V2 motor + Akrapovic complete Carbon Fibre Exhaust. Ducati V2 grumble.

Honda VTR 250 IXIL full exhaust without DB killer.

Honda VTR 250 IXIL full exhaust without DB killer.

Honda VTR250 madaz exhaust

Comparison of a stock exhaust and a MADAZ exhaust on a Honda VTR250.

Honda VTR 250 Venom Slip On Exhaust

I apologise for quality, video was taken on a phone. The video doesn't do the sound any justice, sounds like a Ducati Monster.

Honda VTR250 Staintune exhaust install: results!

The VTR 250 with the stock pipe has a nice V-twin growl down low, with overtones of postie bike as you get higher up in the rev ...

Honda VTR 250 exhaust

Bought off eBay.

Honda VTR250 exhaust sound compilation

Acceleration, dynamics, launch and exhaust sound. The following are the authors of each video, go to their channel to see more ...

Honda VTR250 Staintune Exhaust

Stock VTR250 Exhaust, Staintune Exahust with baffle, Staintune Exhaust without baffle, Ducati Monster 659 Stock Exhaust.

Honda vtr250 exhaust mod

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

My new exhaust on my VTR250

Screaming Demon exhaust.

Honda VTR250 - eBay aftermarket exhaust with baffle

2005 Honda VTR250 with an eBay aftermarket exhaust. I'm not affiliated with the seller/product but I wanted to share the ...

Honda VTR250 - Stock Exhaust Vs Megacycle Exhaust

Got a Megacycle Alloy Round exhaust put on my VTR today and it is soooo much better than the stock. Sounds awesome with that ...

Ninja 300 - Screaming Demon exhaust

Screaming Demon exhaust shipped from Western Australia for my 2013 Ninja 300 SE. Slips on easily and comes with 2 baffles ...

VTR 250 Cafe Racer Exhaust - 12" Shorty Reverse Cone

VTR250 Shorty Reverse cone exhaust from dime city cycles.

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