Видео: Yarra 3DX VS Yamaha YSP-800 VS YSP1600 VS SRT1000

Yarra 3DX, Yamaha YSP & Sennheiser’s Ambeo 3D Sound BARS - WEAR HEADPHONES

A 3D Audio look at how the The Yarra 3DX is gonna shape up against whats out there now.

The Yarra 3DX is the Soundbar You Didn't Know You Needed

At ShowStoppers, we checked out Comhear's MyBeam technology in their new Yarra 3DX soundbar. Available through Kickstarter ...

Takin' Shit Apart with Ron - Yamaha YSP-800 Soundbar

I disassemble a Yamaha YSP-800 soundbar to see what's inside. I also explain why I don't throw large, heavy objects in the trash.


YARRA 3DX is the world's first affordable, immersive, 3D Audio sound projector for gaming, VR/AR, music, home theater and ...

Yarra 3DX: Setup, Test and Review.

Yarra 3DX: Setup, Test and Review.


YARRA 3DX is a new "smart" sound bar that delivers high-fidelity, immersive sound through a small speaker array and ...

Yarra 3DX Waldrep Unpacking Video

Mark Waldrep, aka Dr. AIX, unpacking one of the first YARRA 3DX 3D-Audio sound bars delivered to Comhear in San Diego, CA.

YARRA 3DX Reactions at LAAS 2017

Comhear Inc. demonstrated their new YARRA 3DX immersive, 3D audio sound projector at the recent LA Audio Show — to rave ...


YAMAHA YSP-800 SPEEKER [TARGET MODE] test. http://www.yamaha.co.jp/product/av/prd/ysp/ysp-800/ Music is "Nanatsuiro ...

MyBeam demo - CES 2017

Here is a short video of Cynthia listening to part of the MyBeam demo.

Yarra 3DX 3D Audio Sound Projector

Audio professionals react to experiencing the Yarra 3DX for the first time. Finally, immersive 3D audio without headphones.


Yarra3dx unboxing, been waiting two years for this sound bar to arrive after it almost all got cancelled, the company pulled ...

Вдруг прислали YARRA3DX. Объёмный звук за 300$ из палки и кубика.

Петр Гланц сбивчиво рассказывает про новую музыкальную приблуду и сложности вкладывания денег на Kickstarter...

E3 Gamers Love YARRA 3DX!

The 2017 E3 Expo attracts gamers from all over the world. When asked about the YARRA 3DX experience, they shared their ...

YARRA 3DX 3D Audio Sound Bar

YARRA 3DX is a revolutionary new sound bar that can deliver immersive, surround sound from a 21" speaker array and ...

Look The Secrets Yamaha YSP1400 Review

Subscribe ✓ LIKE ✓ SHARE ▷▷ The Best of Yamaha YSP1400 Review Yamaha, Yamaha YSP-1400, Yamaha YSP-1400 review ...

Loa Soundbar Yamaha ysp-800 khủng giá 2,9tr lh 0987647177 hcm

Loa Soundbar Yamaha ysp-800 ! Dòng loa tivi khủng cực hay . Gồm tổng 23 chiếc loa Dài 80cm , rất nặng tay Xuất xưởng cao ...

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